**Please note that as of 2015, I will be focusing on delivering workshops and research. I will no longer be accepting new referrals. To find a music therapist, please go to www.austmta.org.au to 'find a music therapist' in your area. Press Play Music Therapy does not provide emergency support. Please contact lifeline on 13 11 14 for 24 hour crisis telephone support. Kind regards, Claire.


Who do I work with?

Infants|Children|Young People|Adults|Families


I have a special interest in working with people across the spectrum of mental illness to health - including depression, anxiety, trauma and addiction. I am  also able to cater to people who are seeking opportunities for personal development or those who have not responded to other therapies or medications.


Within the context of mental health recovery, music therapy can work towards:
• Improving self-esteem
• Effective emotional management
• Effective communication strategies
• Emotional expression
• Generating or regenerating support systems

• Self-care and support
• Improving concentration and memory
​• Executive cognitive functioning
• Gaining insight into current situations
• Solution finding
• Making change

•  Reduced pain

I work with infants, children, young people, adults and older adults. For those with diagnoses, I have a special interest in:
• Mood disorders
• Depression and anxiety

• Personality disorders

• Schizophrenia

• Dissociative Identity Disorder
• Complex trauma

• Domestic violence
• Psychosis

• Addictions

• Acute and chronic pain
• Drug and alcohol dependence
• Parent-infant relationships
• Antenatal and Post-natal depression

Systems|Facilities|Health Professionals|Artists


I am most passionate about sustainability. Therefore, I like to collaborate with people to support them to use music and creativity in a way that is most beneficial for themselves, staff and the communities they serve. Examples of who I've worked with in the past include:


• Psychiatric hospitals

• Medical hospitals

• Non-government organisations

• Schools

• Refuges


Potential outcomes maybe:

• Enhancing the culture of the organisation/system for staff and/or people you serve (patients/students/clients)

• Exploring how music therapy could be used to work towards organisational goals and intentions

• Exploring how existing staff can use music and creativity to support the people they work with