Why Press Play?

So why the name Press Play? For me, it means so many things, so I thought I might take some time to share...

Press Play (music) Press play on your iPod, MP3 player, Record player, Cassette player, Discman, Walkman, CD player, radio...it could make a difference to the way you experience the moment.

Press Play (as opposed to rewind, fast forward, pause or stop) Sometimes our heads live on rewind (shame and anxiety about the past) or fast forward (fear and worry about the future). For myself (and the research also suggests), I work better when I'm living in the present moment. So through my work in music therapy, I hope to help people move from rewind/fast forward to stop or pause, so they can press play on their lives.

Press Play (on your own life) Sometimes it feels like someone else has control of the remote of our lives...whether it's a person in our lives, our career, an illness or our past...being able to set your own values, beliefs, goals and to take action can be the most empowering thing that can happen.

Press Play (and rest and create) Traditionally adults don't play. I'd like to put a change to that - because when we don't give ourselves a chance to play, we don't give ourselves the chance to live fully. Play outdoors, dance, play music, play with your family. And...while we're at it let's also rest and create - because without those things we have a tendency to lose sense of who we truly are.

To to cut a long story short... please take some time to Press Play in your own way :)

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