To PhD or not PhD

Since I graduated from my Masters in 2008, I have constantly toyed with the idea of starting a PhD. Throughout this time, I've known what topic I would study, and it has evolved and matured over time - but I have kept pushing it away.

My reasons for pushing it away? Not willing to commit, wanting to focus on my therapeutic practice - and not wanting to add more to my already full life. But the decision to not start a PhD does not deny my passion and urge to learn, research, write and share my knowledge!!

So what do I do? Well for now, I've come up with a solution. I won't end up being a Dr and I may not end up with the respect that one with a PhD receives in the world of health - but I think I'm ok with that.

I'm going to have a go at blogging. I have been blogging haphazardly for about 12 months now, but I want to give it a more serious experiment for awhile. I want to practice writing, learn how to improve my writing (maybe even learn a thing or two about grammar), refine my message on music therapy and mental health - and learn how to get my message out there. I'd like to post consistently (maybe once a week) and prioritise it as something that is important to me. Of course my blog writing will be more casual and less scientific than my academic writing - but I'd like the content to bridge the gap between scientific literature and the general public. I'm telling you via blogosphere so I can keep my word!

I'd love for you to join me on this might see a mix of:

  • Reviewing and sharing peer-reviewed journal articles that relates to mental health, music therapy and the brain - (in a way that makes sense)

  • Me trying to piece my ideas and thoughts together

  • General chat about the things, experiences, theories etc. that frame my music therapy practice

  • Some scientifically referenced posts and some opinion posts

  • Interviews with awesome therapists, researchers and people

I'd love for it to be interactive - though bare with me as I work out this blogging and writing thing.

Meanwhile, what would you like to read about here? Feel free to share any tips or suggestions :)


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