Knowing as power, not knowing as empowerment

I've heard many times that knowledge is power. Power and empowerment is important to me - but there's times when power is abused and knowledge is misused. When studying the social sciences, we are usually encouraged to lean into 'not knowing.' When I was first studying music therapy, it took me a little while to grasp the idea of 'not knowing' - but then I soon realised that it involved giving up power and control. Giving up power that I could read or control what might happen in the future and relieving the pressure that I should know everything. What I discovered in the process was that there is a fine line to balance between not knowing and trusting what you do know. I also learned that not knowing could enable me to get to know a person beyond my own judgments and perspectives - and that not knowing meant I could allow myself to be grounded in the present...rather than caught in my past.

So here I am on the cusp of knowing and not knowing, where my intuition resides...and where connection is allowed. It's not always an easy place to be - as I'm only human...but I practice as much as I can because it is where things lift, move, change, evolve and happen.

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