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Press Play Music Therapy is about bringing music, creativity, collaboration and empowerment to the remote control of your life, story, song or future.

“I regard Music Therapy as a tool of great power in many neurological disorders…because of its unique capacity to organize or re-organize cerebral function when it has been damaged.”


– Oliver Sacks M.D.


Professor of Neurology

Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

In music therapy, we use science, art and relationships to strengthen neural pathways for improved thinking, doing and being. Just like music therapy can strengthen capacity for speech and physical rehabilitation, music therapy works with the whole brain to reorganise emotional experiences and thinking patterns, while developing patterns of behaviour that serve physical, psychological and mental health and wellness.


My intention is to support people to press play* on their lives. From those in an acute phase of illness to those seeking personal development, I use music therapy and creative conversations to support recovery and development. I offer individual and group music therapy programs and workshops in Brisbane. Please take some time to explore this site - what music therapy is and how music therapy may be beneficial to yourself or others you know. Most importantly, I hope that you take some time to Press Play in your own way.





*Press Play means so many things to me. It means to Press Play on my music (iPod, radio, CD player), Press Play on the remote control of my life (or even press rewind, stop, pause, fast forward when I need to) and it means to Press Play by engaging in the things that make me feel most alive - creativity, making music, getting active and play. What does Press Play mean to you?


Founded in 2013, Press Play Music Therapy is owned by Registered Music Therapist and Certified Clinical Neuropsychotherapist, Claire Stephensen.

Press Play

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